Saturday, December 11, 2010

The divorce of the advertiser and the consumer...

Looking back on almost one week full of blogging and commenting, we finally would like to share a video with you. On the following link, you will see in a hilarious way what traditional advertiser have to face nowadays when dealing with consumers.
We already talked about the question whether luxury watch brands should jump on board on and practice social media.. After watching this video, do you still think luxury brands should stick to traditional advertisement and may risk to not reach their consumers? We look forward to your opinion.

Have a look at this video:


  1. I think that luxury watch brands should focus their energy on their target group, however they could widen their target group since the consumers that currently seem "young" will be potential consumers in the future. and they are growing up with the internet and social media in a completely different way as the elder/sophisticated generations that might be more suitable as the target group. Nevertheless, social media could help luxury watch brands to acquire new consumers of the younger generations, given that social media cannot be ignored nowadays.

  2. hahaha great video!

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